My favourite wedding cake trends

So you might be wondering “why’s she posting about wedding cakes, she’s already married…does she bake? …She leaving her husband to marry Jason Momoa?”

The answer is: omg Jason Momoa.


But nah, I’m just really into weddings! I run this local wedding group on facebook called Wedding Talk – Malta, which admittedly has been doing really well. The group currently has over 11,000 members who are mostly wedding-related businesses and people getting married in Malta, which is quite a lot considering the island is so tiny! I was even recently interviewed about Wedding Talk and featured on GetHitched, which was pretty awesome. So anyway, running this group means I’m smack-bam in the middle of the local wedding scene, and I can’t help but get immersed in all the creativity, drama, romance, and chaos of wedding planning! Ah, the pretty dresses, the bling, gorgeous venues…and the CAKES.

Wow, the cakes. I have a thing for wedding cakes. Remember when they all used to be a generic big white monstrosity?


Well THANKFULLY, bakers and couples getting married are much more expressive and creative today. Today, a wedding cake is not just something you smear all over your spouse’s face for some “original and fun” wedding photography (hehe). Wedding cakes are now an extension of the entire theme of the wedding, which in itself can be considered an extension of the couple itself. It’s also ART. Bakers and cake decorators have been pulling all the stops, sky’s the limit, when it comes to wedding cakes. The cake is essentially a blank canvas, and it’s not just a white cake with roses piped onto it anymore. I’m guessing maybe Cake Boss started the trend, but whoever did it, I think it’s an excellent medium to express one’s artistic talent.

And what’s the best part? YOU CAN EAT IT!!!!!


I think wedding cakes are so beautiful that I even have a board on Pinterest called “nice things” containing pics of beautiful cakes. And looking through them, I thought, “these are just too pretty not to share”, so without further ado, these are what I believe are GORGEOUS wedding cakes which I really hope will help to provide you with some inspiration! All the following pics have been lifted from Pinterest and links to their original page are posted underneath. Enjoy!







































Succulents (VERY Maltese feel!)


Olesya Golumbevskaya






















Right. I’m suddenly hankering for donuts. Time for a face-stuffing. Ciao!!!





The Mummy-Meltdown.

So it finally happened.

My beautiful daughter is now 18 months old. She is a happy and healthy child, our pride and joy. She’s been walking for 2 months now, and she’s slowly learning to communicate more and more. It’s adorable to watch, and my heart swells with pride to see my baby growing into a toddler.

But yeah, that’s just about all the sunshine and rainbows I have for you today.

Because my baby girl, the love of my life, is also (sometimes) a little shit.

Last night, she didn’t want to go to sleep. She just wasn’t tired, and WHINED incessantly, SCREECHED, and CRIED from 8.30pm till 1.30am. As most parents can imagine, we tried everything, but nothing worked until she finally wore herself out and gave up the fight.

This happened after a long day of mum-ing and frankly I was not in the mood for this shit. So after the little…cherub finally went to sleep, I gave in. I had a long-awaited, much-needed, thoroughly accumulated and pent-up CRY. Which kind of perplexed my husband even though I’d been telling him for quite some time that I need a break.

I sobbed uncontrollably for half an hour at 2am. I sobbed because I felt like a horrible mother. Because I can’t stand her when she’s whining, crying and being clingy. Because I miss my personal space, because I’ve been stuck with this baby since she was born and I just want to be ALONE for a moment, even though I love her with every fiber of my being. And by alone, I don’t mean passed out on the couch for a few minutes while Cora naps. Because I just KNOW she’ll wake up soon and I’m anticipating it like a ticking time bomb. I cried my heart out because I’m tired of smiling, and playing, and cuddling and kissing, when sometimes all I want to do is run out the door ALONE and go somewhere quiet, where I don’t have to care about when her last nappy-change was, or whether she’s had enough play-time today.

I cried to mourn my social life. Because I make what feels like a huge effort to maintain one or two meaningful friendships only to get shot down 80% of the time I suggest meeting up because they’re too busy with something or someone far more important. I cried because I wish someone would ask me for ONCE, if I need help with anything, or how I’m feeling. And because when I’m on the phone with my family, they only ask for Cora, and I have no one to care about me anymore except my husband, who’s just as emotionally exhausted as I am. I cried because my communication with the adult world is limited to social media, to which I’ve become addicted. I cried because I feel so LONELY, even though I’m never alone, and even though I’ve always been around for everyone else. And I cried because all this seemed so pathetic and self-centered.

I cried because I miss having hobbies. My craft room has been reduced to a glorified boxroom, and a messy one at that. I miss sitting at my desk without having to stop every 5 minutes. My “hobbies” are now cleaning the house with nursery rhymes on a loop in the background, and worrying about finances. My vocabulary has been reduced to “don’t touch, Cora”, “Good girl, Cora!”, “What’s wrong now, Cora…”. I put laundry in the rubbish bin, and rubbish in the kitchen sink. I wander around the house like a zombie, waiting for Cora to get bored again so I can go pick her up and entertain/feed/change/bathe her, or put her to sleep. I cried because I miss enjoying my own company.

I cried because after waiting 12 whole years to buy my own car, I finally bought one two days ago and so far it’s been non-stop running errands and lugging Cora around with me everywhere I go. Unlock car while carrying baby. Put bags in car with one hand. Strap protesting baby into car. Give her toys, bottle, and pacifier. Drive. Focus on the road while baby complains in the back. Park. Take out Stroller. Take out bags. Take out baby, strap her into stroller while she tries to struggle her way out and whines. Fetch bottle and toys from under car seats. Forget to lock car and leave. Walk back to lock car. Run Cora-related errand. Go back to car. Repeat. I just want to enjoy a moment of happiness alone, to relish my accomplishment.

I cried because I miss being alone with my husband. Truly alone. Babies, or at least our baby, have this radar that senses when you’re about to get comfortable, cosy, or intimate. Best birth-control ever. So I’m always on edge, and not in a good way. I cried because I miss the way we were. Spending entire Sundays in bed, picnics on the living room floor, movie marathons, sex on the kitchen table.

I cried because I don’t take care of myself. I’ve stopped my meds again because I keep forgetting to take them, or because I’m in such a hurry in the morning that I just don’t bother. I desperately need a haircut. I haven’t visited a beautician in over a year. I lost 22 kgs before I had Cora, and I’ve gained it all back. I eat junk food because it’s the quickest option and because eating chocolate just feels so darn good, and I wolf it down while Cora naps because there’s no way in hell I’m going to eat while she’s awake.

I cried because this all felt so selfish and unimportant. Because I’ve always wanted to be a mother so maybe I don’t get to complain about it. It’s what I signed up for. Because some people have it much worse than I do. Single mothers. Parents with 3 kids. Parents with no kids. Parents with dead kids. Parents with sick kids. Families without food on their plate and no roof over their heads. I shouldn’t complain because my daughter is raised well, and my husband is a great dad to her. I cried because I felt like I didn’t deserve to be upset, but I was.

Then I stopped crying. Because it was late and I had to wake up to go to work in a few hours and carry on with the routine. My husband gave me a hug and said he’ll try to give me a break. But as I write this, I have bags under my swollen eyes which I’ve tried to hide with make up. I smile to my clients at work like any other day. And I feel a little dead inside. I know it’s a phase, and a short one at that. I manage to brush it aside more often than not. I try to be happy and I’m usually appreciative of my life, because I have it good.

But I’m tired, and lonely, and I want my life back, just for a moment. I love Cora with all my heart, and my only solace right this moment is the feeling that perhaps I am so upset because I love her, and because I want to be a good mother. All I know is that raising kids right is really fucking hard.

10 stupid parenting myths

I may or may not be writing this post out of frustration. Haha. But I will at least try to be eloquent about it (AKA passive-aggressive, by writing a blog which nobody knows about).

As many of you parents reading this might agree, the most difficult part of being a mum or a dad, is by far the unsolicited advice, and interference from people who you really wish would mind their own business.

It all starts the moment you announce your pregnancy, sometimes even before that (“how come you’re not pregnant yet?”). All of a sudden you and your baby are public property and it is SO unbelievably easy to do something that’s apparently frowned upon. Ugh. It’s especially frustrating when it’s coming from people who have no idea what on earth they are talking about. (yes, I’m talking to YOU, single unmarried guy at the veggie truck. Somehow I don’t think you are qualified to stare at my boobs and say “hope you’re breastfeeding. breast is best.”). I guess having a cute baby is a great ice-breaker for strangers to go “hey cute baby! let me tell you how to raise it.” Just shaddap.

So never mind the pregnancy advice, that’s a whole nother story. But the day you finally brave the storm and leave hospital with your bundle of joy, you’re guaranteed to be hit with a bloody snowstorm of bullshit, courtesy of anyone ranging from your mother to the creepy lady at the convenience store. Now let me make this clear: I’m all for learning new stuff. I’m a new parent and I’m still learning the ropes. I like to ask questions and I don’t assume to be the perfect parent. BUT you see I’ve got my pediatrician on speed dial, random person in the street, so thanks but no thanks for your unsolicited advice.

It wouldn’t be half as bad if the stuff they tried to ram down my throat was actually palatable. But nooo.


The thing is, particularly with Maltese culture, many parenting myths are thought to be true without any evidence, sense or logic to support them, but are sworn by so vehemently that there’s no point in arguing or attempting to educate. And these parenting myths are the gems you’re likely to be bestowed with when all you needed, really, was a thumbs-up of encouragement.

I can understand silly “advice” from older generations who never had children…maybe I can even tolerate older people who’ve had children of their own and did things differently and somehow managed to rear 12 healthy children (though it’s still annoying when i didn’t really ask for your opinion, many-offspringed-lady)…but it’s actually pretty scary when young parents or YOUR OWN parents (!) are convinced that you’re doing it wrong, because well “here, this is how it’s always been done”, without it making any sense whatsoever. Here are some examples, which I’ve actually heard.

1. Your child will get gas pains if he’s not wearing socks at all times. – This is an all-time favourite. Most Maltese parents (and I’m not exaggerating) are absolutely convinced that the temperature of an infant’s feet is somehow related to their ability to fart. Therefore, I am a bad mother for not putting socks on my daughter in the middle of Summer, and it’s a miracle my daughter doesn’t have gas pains. I might just come back to inform you all that my daughter has exploded *poof!*, due to accumulated gas from not wearing socks for the past few months.

2. If your child is trying to look at something which isn’t directly within peripheral vision, his eyes will roll into his head and stay there. – I shit you not. 


The other day, my daughter was lying in her bed and I crept up from behind to say hi, to which of course she giggled and tried to roll over and see me better. This, apparently, is BAD. For the sake of the argument, I shall call this: Eyeball torture. But I had no idea that babies’ eyeballs could get stuck from looking up at something that’s behind them. Wow, maybe we should invest in those things they put on horses, I think they’re called blinkers? Perhaps it would prevent further eyeball torture. It’s a wonder how most adult humans’ eyeballs are still intact.

3. Don’t touch an infant’s teeth, or said teeth will grow into unusually large chompers. –  I was happily prodding at my daughter’s first tooth, proudly showing off her latest milestone, when I was told to “STOP! NO, they’ll grow bigger if you do that!”…I think that this starts with the belief that teeth don’t emerge. Of course not, silly, they grow! So very much like flicking a nipple (sorry, couldn’t think of anything cleaner), if you touch it, it will grow bigger and bigger. Omg maybe I could rub her bottom teeth JUST to see how big I can get them to grow?! Guinness Book of World Records, here we come! I knew my daughter was destined for great things.

4. Your bottle-fed baby is thirsty, because milk is food, not a beverage. – I’m sure my mother in law won’t mind me revealing that she said this. She’s pretty good-natured and I love her to bits. And to be fair, this was a one-time offence – the rest of the stuff she says is pretty cool. But I really can’t wrap my head around the logic of this one! If baby’s just had a bottle (hint: bottles are used for liquids), it means she just drank. I’m pretty sure babies aren’t thirsty for water after drinking milk, unless they haven’t had enough milk, which is essentially water with powder. Fact: milk (formula or breast-milk) is the ONLY thing babies need to consume until they start weaning at around 6 months. No water, no herbal tea, and DEFINITELY no bovril. But hey, your baby, your rules!

5. Premature babies eventually grow into much bigger people than full-term babies. – So THAT’s where giants come from! It get it now. The smaller the baby, the bigger the adult. That makes perfect sense. My daughter was born at 30 weeks, and although she is slowly and healthily catching up to other babies her age, she still looks younger. So sometimes, silly me feels the need to explain that she was born premature. Cue the usual words of encouragement: “uuu don’t worry ta! she’ll get even bigger than the others! my niece’s son was born early and now he’s basically enormous. That’s what they do.” Thank you, kind knower of things in the future. Please, enlighten me: what are next week’s winning lottery numbers?

Ok, maybe I’m being snarky. Sooorry. I know you’re just trying to be nice. But it doesn’t make sense! Unless you’re deliberately shoveling food into your premature baby’s mouth to make baby catch up (it doesn’t work that way, unless by “bigger” you mean obese), there’s no logical reason to assume your baby will grow up to be a heavyweight wrestling champion.


6. The slightest breeze will make baby sick. – For some reason, people in this country (don’t know about other countries) generally think that the wind and taking off one’s clothes are the two causes of the common cold. It is therefore greatly frowned upon to take your newborn baby out into the garden, where there’s a nice fresh breeze. Okay then, I’ll just leave her indoors where it’s hot and stuffy, much healthier. I guess fans are out of the question too, then? So how on earth did babies cope with the heat before air-conditioning existed? Thankfully my baby survived the ordeal, I daresay she deserves a certificate of survival after braving the Great Spring Breeze of May 2016.

At this point maybe Child Protection Services should take note. I mean, look at all this evidence!

7. Babies feel MUCH colder than we do. – Summers in Malta are brutal, make no mistake. The heat starts to get unbearable in May, till around October, sometimes we’re still wearing t-shirts well into November. In winter, the temperature rarely goes lower than 10C. So there really is no reason to worry about cold weather.

However, people here seem to be constantly vexed about how under-dressed babies are. What, no undershirt? But he’ll feel cold! Baby’s hands aren’t clammy and sweaty?  Oh no, put a jacket on that baby! Dude, we’re in the Mediterranean, not Antarctica. I’m friggin melting. So please don’t ask me for the hundredth time whether I think my baby’s feeling cold. If Russian babies manage to not get pneumonia in -50C weather, I think my baby just might make it. Thanks for the advice though. Not.

8. Baby-wearing is cruel to babies. – Whenever my husband or I wear our baby, strangers tend to flock nearby to make sure we can see them wincing and glancing worriedly at our poor squished baby. Sometimes they go as far as politely asking, “Are you sure she’s ok? oh, poor thing, she looks uncomfortable.” Hmmm, the baby’s been sleeping peacefully snuggled against my boobs while being rocked for the past 2 hours….yes she must be so uncomfortable. Actually she might be suffocating, that’s why she’s so quiet. Go away.

9. Holding your baby too much is bad, because baby will get used to it and want to be held all the time. – This one’s annoying. Apparently there’s such as thing as holding your baby too much? Bullshit. What’s wrong with holding your baby all the time? There will be a day when you pick up your baby and it will be the last time – until then, I’m holding my daughter as much as she needs to be held. It’s our job as parents to make our children feel loved and wanted. Can you imagine having a little child raise her arms to be carried, and you’re like “nope, I ain’t carrying you, because you might get used to my cuddles, and that’s a hard habit to break.” Can’t have our children getting addicted to cuddles at such a young age.

10. Burping your baby like that will harm her. The wonderful nurses at the NICU had taught me a couple of awesome ways to effectively burp my baby. One of them was by gently but firmly thumping her on the back, and the other was by sitting her up and rocking her in large circular motions until she burped. It worked like a charm. Result: happy baby, happy parents.

But it did not sit well with whoever watched us burp our daughter. They were shocked to say the least, and couldn’t bear to watch our baby get beaten on the back and twirled around on her bum. I get that people don’t understand something they’ve never seen before, so I explained that we were taught by professionals and this is an excellent and harmless way to burp a baby. But nooo, what do pediatric nurses know? So they’d go “YOU’RE KILLING YOUR BABY!!!!! Here, let me show you how it’s done”….they’d proceed to take my baby, tap her gently on the back, baby screams with frustration because she can’t burp until mummy takes the baby back, gives her a good thwack on the back, and baby gives a nice loud belch. Cue smugness.

Update: she’s perfectly fine. Miraculously, her spine is still intact.


That is all. *mic drop*



My Craft Room Reveal

This post has been a LONG time coming. Around four years, actually.

The craft room by far is my favourite room in our apartment. It’s a small apartment, but it’s got three bedrooms and we only need two, so OBVIOUSLY the extra room was converted into a craft-room. Truth be told, when hubby’s around, I call it a hobby room, to give him the impression that it’s his room as much as it is mine. But I don’t think he’s falling for it. 🙂

It’s been a long and impatient wait to get the craft room done! I started off with a second-hand desk which was way too small, then a couple of shelves I brought in from my parents’ house. Eventually I recycled a wardrobe by turning it on its side and using it as a big work-space…which worked really well for a couple of years to be honest! But the IKEA fiend in me always wanted a properly organised area.

Last year, we renovated the kitchen, living and dining room. It was a BIG project, and I got pregnant halfway through. So needless to say we were knee-deep in finances and stuff to do. But this year, well baby Cora’s going to need a play area soon, so that was an EXCELLENT excuse to get the craft room done, and incorporate a play area in the same room!

So without much further ado, here is my beautiful room. 🙂


The pic above is how it looks from the back of the room. Photo below is taken from the entrance.



Behold, my colourful room of colours! Bright and cheerful and lots of space to move around and add storage for my pretty things!!! 🙂 i’m so excited. I guess you can tell I love bright colours, and I thought that this room would be the best place to apply them because I get so much inspiration from just seeing these fun and bright hues. Thanks to the decor, I’m always brimming with ideas (implementing them is a whole nother story). The walls have been painted for a few years, as I had always had a rough idea of what I wanted the end result to look like.

So as you can see, I’ve tried to use the funky structure of the room to its fullest potential. The most important aspects I considered during the planning phase were:

  1. Large workspace
  2. Easy to move around
  3. Easy to access crafting essentials
  4. Sufficient light
  5. Ample and well organised storage space
  6. A Safe and fun play-area for Cora.

After many weeks of planning and re-sketching, and imaginary window-shopping on the IKEA site, I came up with a design that incorporates all of my needs.

  1. Large workspace

    I went for an L-shaped BEKANT desk from IKEA. I had totally underestimated how HEAVY and sturdy this desk is, omg! So being the complete idiot I am, I was so excited to get my IKEA stuff delivered that I actually assembled the desk on my own, without waiting for Adam to get home from work to help out. So I may or may not have hurt my back. And dropped the desk. 😦 damn that thing was heavy. So yeah, I tried to assemble the table by setting the top part on a flat surface first, as it says in the instructions. The only flat surface I could find at the time was a wobbly ironing board, which toppled over with the weight and I dropped the table-top, giving it a nice big dent at the corner. 😥 nuuuuuuuuuu!

    But anyway, I got up, swore quietly (baby’s still asleep), and tried assembling the table once more. SUCCESS! My back is killing me but heyyyy this thing looks awesome! I’ll just have to hide the dent with a clip-on desk lamp or something. So here’s the desk:

I also opted for the BEKANT desk shelf. I can’t say it’s very sturdy, sometimes it’s a bit wobbly and I worry it’s going to fall off, but as you can see it hold my essentials beautifully, and creates a great nook for my Silhouette Cameo. The BEKANT is a wonderful desk, if you have the space for it. It’s heavy, sturdy and has room for the stuff I need most without having to move them around: Laptop, cutting mat, craft mat, and paper trimmer (which is in the mail. yaaaay can’t wait to get my new Cutterpillar!)

2. Easy to move around.

I tried to make sure that in designing my space, both doors (entrance and back balcony) would be easily accessible. Although the desk juts out in an L-shape, it is easy to move around while crafting.No squeezing or shimmying past to reach stuff. The desk can be used at all angles, even when I’m accompanied by other people working at the same desk.

3.Easy to access crafting essentials

Before I re-did the room, a lot of my stuff was out of reach. I’m pretty short (5ft1) so I needed my things to be easily accessible without having to call my husband, who’d always proceed to make fun of me for being so short. Also, I wanted all the essentials to be within reach of my desk so I wouldn’t have to keep getting out of my chair. Now, when I’m sitting at my desk, I have a set of shelves directly behind me which holds all my blank cardstock, some patterned cardstock, adhesives, scoring tools, printer and embossing machine. At my desk, also within easy reach are my scissors & blades, pencils, ruler, silhouette, trimmer, tissues, wipes and notepad. Now I can complete some projects entirely without having to move away from my desk a single time. Yay, laziness! 😀

4. Sufficient light.

One thing I absolutely love about this room is that I have natural sun light pouring in all day long. and the sun shines directly onto the area where my desk is, making the space such a relaxing and easy place to work at. When the sun sets and i’m still crafting into the wee hours of the morning, I have a pretty light pendant I had brought from my absolute favourite home store, Next Home. It matches with the decor beautifully. However I still want to get a good desk lamp for those intricate, eye-squinting projects. (also, to clip on to my desk and hide the part I chipped off, whoops!)

5. Ample and well organised storage space.

I have an obsession with storage space. Not only do I need everything to be well organised and in its designated place, but I also need to know that if I get more stuff, I’ll have the space to store them as well. 🙂

So the first thing I did when setting up this room for what is hopefully the last time, I hired a guy to build a storage loft, which is hiding behind this pink curtain.


it’s quite a big space, about 2.5m across, and 1.2m depth. It’s great for hiding unsightly boxes and stuff like fans, heaters, files, christmas tree, etc. All neatly stored away behind that curtain. As for crafts, I’ve stored everything in containers as I found them to be most convenient along the years.

A couple of years ago I got a set of DVD shelves for dirt-cheap from a store that was closing down. I use it to store some of my embellishments, PL cards (I don’t have much but there’s plenty of room for more), paints, markers, ribbon, etc. It’s right across my desk so everything is within plain sight.


On top of the shelves I propped 3 canvases which I had made using bird-cage stencils I printed out with the Silhouette. They match with the rest of the decor beautifully, but then again with this room it’s really easy to match decor, there are loads of colours for coordinating.

Another key storage area I have is my KALLAX shelves. I added 4 sets of drawers and 5 boxes. They’re all labelled for easy access. Two of the boxes are “to-sort boxes”, which means I just drop my stuff in them when I’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like clearing up after a project, but at least the place still looks nice and tidy!


Next to my KALLAX shelves are:

  • a GALANT filing cabinet which I use for important documents and patterned paper, coordinated by colour.
  • a storage cabinet (more like a broom cupboard) for cleaning stuff and other home maintenance items.

aaaand, my favourite storage idea, is where I store my ribbons!! When we first moved into this place, we had a reeeally cheap bed which we broke during our engagement photo shoot (lol), but the bed frame was pretty and I needed a place to store my ribbons, so I thought why not display them?! A coat of spray paint later, and voila:


pretty ribbons AKA wall art!!!! 😀

So this is where I store all my short ribbons. I have more in the aforementioned KALLAX and DVD racks, and I think some lace ribbon in another drawer, but these are the metre-long ones, all within very easy reach as they’re right next to me at my desk.

6.A Safe and fun play-area for Cora.

This part was really important, and I guess it’s the one part of this room that’s not entirely finished. I wanted a safe and fun place for Cora to play once she’s old enough to entertain herself. I felt that this room would be the perfect space, because a) well I can’t hog the whole room to myself, b) It’s bright and colourful, and c) it’s where I’ll be spending a lot of my time, hopefully, so I can supervise her and craft at the same time. I also like that it’s away from the TV which is in the living room. So this room literally beckons creativity!

The room was built with this nook, which made things very easy in regards to closing off a safe space for Cora. I feel that walls are better than a rail, and her area has three walls. Now I just need a rail to close it off from the rest of the room because I am painfully aware of how inviting yet dangerous a craft room can be to little children.


So far, I’ve got a safety mat (also from IKEA), which I specifically preferred over puzzle mats. I hate puzzle mats with such a raging passion because they’re an absolute nightmare to clean. This vinyl mat has already passed the baby-barf test with flying colours. 🙂

The play area also has a set of KALLAX cubes for her toys, and a table with chairs which she is not quite old enough to use yet, but it’s there for when she’s ready to COLOUR ALL THE THINGS!!!

I plan to hang a couple of pretty cork-boards against the wall for displaying all of her drawings, and I’d also like to add a small sheer curtain and floor cushions to the far-left end, so she can use that as a reading nook. I’m not quite sure how to install the rail yet, but  i’ve been doing some research about DIY’ing one with PVC pipes. I’ve got to get cracking on that, because Cora’s already been desperately trying to crawl and she’ll be walking before we know it!

And so that was the run-down of how I designed and set up my craft-room. I hope you like it! I am absolutely in love with this room and I am so happy that I can finally start crafting again! Can’t wait to tell you about all stuff I’ll be making in here. 🙂



Leaving baby with Daddy. Shock horror!

Every now and then, I get a not-so-scatterbrained thought, which social media helps me put into words. This post is something I spoke up about on Facebook about a month ago, when I returned to work after over 6 months on maternity leave. I’m just going to repeat it here since words, no matter how true or pondered-upon, are so quickly lost in the sea of posts on Facebook.

So I started work today. And while it was absolutely heartbreaking to leave Cora behind, I knew she was in good hands with her wonderful daddy. I got a lot of comments saying, oh he’s so helpful, or “Daddy’s the babysitter today!”, or even concerned questions like “Is he going to be ok with her? Does he know how to feed her and change her nappies?” Meanwhile, Daddy’s getting stared at like he has three heads if he’s baby-wearing.

While I know all these comments are well-meaning, so obviously I didn’t get into any debates….I can’t help but feel that society still portrays dads as glorified babysitters. THEY’RE NOT. Fathers are parents. They don’t “help” or “babysit”, they parent. Because they’re just as responsible for their children’s well-being as mothers.

I feel eternally grateful that my husband shares my views on this. It’s so sad to hear men exclaim, “I never held my children, they were too noisy/smelly/I had no patience for them”….. or when women say “we both worked full time, but taking care of the children was still my responsibility.” Times are changing, thank God for that. But we need to enable change by doing away with this outdated mentality.

In a world where women are (thankfully) no longer required to stay home to take care of the children and simultaneously (regretfully) a world where women have no choice but to remain in employment when they would rather stay home, it really is high time we do away with the added pressure of gender roles in parenting. It’s simple really. You make a baby, you take care of it.

Fast forward a month, and Daddy’s done a wonderful job with his daughter. They bonded, they laughed and played. It was frustrating and fun and beautiful and educational and exhausting. He didn’t drop the baby, he didn’t overheat the milk and scald her. He didn’t call me in a panic not knowing what to do with the screaming tiny human who didn’t want to drink her milk. Did he put her diaper on backwards? Well, maybe, but he’s her dad, and he sorted that crap out like a parent should. 🙂  We all make mistakes, but Dads can parent too. We all survived.

Obligatory family photo and intro.

Hi! As you may have guessed by now, I am a scatterbrained mum. I’m also a wife, a social worker, a daughter, a sister and a creative person who loves to make lame jokes and then laugh at them when no one else will.

By scatterbrained mum, I mean I’m a new mum of a beautiful baby girl who decided a normal birth would not be a grand enough entrance. So she drove me round the bend and arrived 10 weeks early after a pregnancy that felt like a 30-week hangover that would put Charlie Sheen to shame. Naturally, I’ve had mummy brain ever since.

By wife, I mean I was lucky enough to find and marry a man who is as goofy as I am. His name is Adam. But I call him “Edim”. We’ve been married for 3 years and his many hours playing video games has helped distract him from the idea of being stuck with me for all eternity. Nah, I kid. He’s awesome. *fangirl swoon*

By social worker, I mean I’ve been working at a community mental health clinic for 7 years, and I LOVE it. 🙂 My career (ironically) helps maintain what’s left of my sanity. More importantly, I get to meet and work with so many amazing and inspirational people, which is such a joy! I won’t be talking much about my job, but it’s a big part of who I am and what I belive in.

By creative, I mean I like to make things. Mostly tinkering around the house or papercrafts. I’ve always been this way, whether drawing or designing or making, or copying something off Pinterest and failing miserably, I’m always thinking of stuff of make. I’ll show you what I mean if I ever bring myself to continue this blog.

Oh, and by lame jokes I mean, well you’ll get to see what I mean in the stuff I’ll be writing, unfortunately. Haha. See what I did there?



Congratulations. You have read one entire blog post written by a scatterbrained mum who was supposed to be taking a shower, but hid in the bedroom instead so her husband would feed the screaming baby.

Is that spit-up? *sniff* ….maybe I should go take that shower.